T U X E D O   R E N T A L S

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 Tuxedo rentals have never been so easy!

Ask your Inspire Bridal stylist about coordinating your tuxedos to match your perfect day.

Just a few steps:
1.  Choose tuxes by browsing online, coordinating your look at Inspire,
or by visiting your nearest Tip Top Tux.
2.  Get measurements at Tip Top Tux in Mankato or any tuxedo measuring location.
3. Submit your measurements online, making sure to enter your
pick up location as Inspire Bridal Boutique in St. Peter MN.
4.  Pay when you pick up your tuxedo at Inspire or call in your payment to 507-514-2224.
It’s that simple!
And with so many Tip Top Tux locations, it’s convenient for everyone in your wedding party.
If you should have any questions along the way about tuxedo rentals through Inspire Bridal,
please do not hesitate to ask us!